Tracey Boyer, Psychic

Tracey Boyer, Psychic

Psychic, Aura Reader,
Tarot and Tea Leaf Reader,
Crystal Worker, Reiki Master

A natural clairvoyant since childhood, exhibiting psychic abilities since the age of 4, Tracey has been a student of metaphysics for over 30 years. After Reiki First and Second Degree attunements, and more than two years of formal training in psychic development, aura and chakra interpretation, crystal and energy work, she began practicing the arts of spiritual counseling and vibrational healing. She is currently a Reiki Master Teacher and Ordained Minister, with a PhD in Metaphysics, offering readings, crystal and energy work, and teaching her classes at the Hummingbird and the Honey Bee, formerly the Akashic Bookshop & Center, in Thousand Oaks, California for the past twenty years. Now that the Hummingbird and the Honey Bee bookstore is closing Jan. 31, 2014 to relocate, I will be there through the end of January.  Starting immediately, I am also working and teaching at Serenity Calling in Agoura Hills  It is a lovely new store in the Whizin's Center, off the Kanan Road exit of the 101 freeway. 

Thank You to everyone who voted for me in VCReporter’s annual "Best of Ventura County" this year, awarding me First Place in the "Best Psychic" category!

Don't Forget to Call Your Psychic!

Aura Readings include aura and chakra colors and symbols interpretation, giving you insight into where you are now, what you are dealing with, and where you are headed. A reading may include scenes from past lives, near future or far future information, your natural gifts and talents, career direction, relationship advice, guidance on how to change current events for the better, spiritual growth - what your spirit guides and guardian angels are working with you on, and what your Soul Path is - the "short shopping list" of "To Do" items your Soul (or Higher Self) wants you to accomplish in this incarnation. Readings can also be a simple psychic "question and answer" type, or can focus exclusively on past lives, if you prefer. I strongly suggest taping the reading, so you can refresh your memory of it at a later time. I talk fast, and give you a lot of information. Bring a blank audio cassette tape, buy one at the Hummingbird and Honey Bee for $2.00, or bring your own digital recording device.

Tarot Readings - Intuitive readings using the ancient archetypal tool of the Tarot. Questions on career, relationships, financial situations and timing can be addressed. The deeper meaning and hidden motivations behind people, situations and events can be revealed.

Tea Leaf Reading - Intuitive readings of loose leaf tea leaves swirled in a cup, foretelling events for the coming year. An old-fashioned art practiced by my grandmother. You do not have to drink the tea to have a reading.


Reiki energy transmission is an ancient method of "laying on of hands" spiritual healing, without a religious affiliation. The Universal Life Force energy channeled through the Reiki practitioner is holistic in nature, flowing to where it is needed, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, striving to bring all of these levels into a state of wholeness and balance. Receiving Reiki is very calming and relaxing, and can be done at any time, anywhere, fully clothed, while standing, seated or reclining.

Reiki Attunements consist of particular forms of energy work to open your physical being to be able to channel the Reiki energies, performed in a ceremonial manner, and education on how to work with and use the energy. The various levels include First Degree, in which you learn to use Reiki directly, hands on; Second Degree, in which you learn to use Reiki "absentee," or at a distance from the recipient; Third Degree or Master Level, which deepens your practice; and Master Teacher to learn how to attune others.

Crystal Healing or the Art of Laying on of Stones, involves lying on a table fully clothed, with various crystals placed on and around your body. The stones' colors and particular energies increase the vibrational frequencies in your aura and chakras, helping to break up old energy blockages, so that the thoughts and experiences that created the blockages can be examined and released. The use of Lasertones, crystal and tuning fork vibrational tools, further breaks up old energy blockages, to rebalance and energize the chakras with sound waves and crystalline high frequency light.

Wedding Officiant and Ordained Minister: Non-denominational Interfaith Minister, performing wedding ceremonies at your location: home, back yard, restaurant or reception site, garden, beach, park, or other beautiful, meaningful location of your choice.

Traditional, spiritual, simple, non-religious, and custom ceremonies available. Contact Tracey at (805) 341-5750 or email at

Parties and Events

Parties are a 2 hour minimum, booked directly with me. The length of reading each guest receives is determined by the host, the number of guests, and how long the host wants me to stay. A good rule of thumb is 3 guests per hour for 15 minute readings, and 8 or 9 guests per hour for 5 minute readings (answering one or two simple questions) when they are lined up outside the door, waiting. Birthdays, anniversary parties, house warming parties, private or corporate holiday parties, and psychic parties - where the guests all chip in for the reader's fee, are all popular occasions to have a reader to entertain your guests. Past experience shows that almost all of your guests will want their free mini reading, even those who you wouldn't expect would want one. Like a fortune cookie, whether you believe in them or not, you want to see what yours has to say. Hence, the "entertainment." Book ahead for Halloween and New Year's Eve parties!

Psychic Fair - I usually participate in The Hummingbird and the Honey Bee's Psychic Fair, the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Choose either tarot cards, aura and chakra reading, past life reading, a psychic reading of question and answers, or a tea leaf reading. Call Friday, the day before the Fair, after 10:00 a.m. to book an appointment.

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Awakening Consciousness Seminars

Current Classes -- Course Descriptions

What you need to know
Now, in the emerging
Age of Enlightenment

Why should I study metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the study of who and what we are, who and what God is, and our place in the Universe.

On the simplest level, practicing metaphysical principles leads to self-discovery and understanding, peace of mind, excellent health, abundance and fulfillment in every area of life, clarity of thought and purpose, and becoming a positive element in the world.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato first coined the term "metaphysics" to describe anything outside of, or in addition to, man’s five senses. Psychics, who could see or know things that no one else could, fell into this category. Likewise with all spiritual experiences, beliefs, and connections to the Divine.

Metaphysics is the pursuit of the truth of Reality and Spirituality. It is about opening your mind, with the purpose and desire to achieve understanding, and expanding your consciousness to a higher spiritual level.

What do you want to accomplish through metaphysics?

Be able to see and understand the deeper meanings hidden within the world we live in? Wisdom, Awareness, Understanding – “I just want to know.”

Have more control over yourself, your mind, emotions, and events in your life? Understand how you are creating and attracting certain situations, and how to shift your focus to attract and create a more favorable life experience.

Become a psychic – to develop latent talents and abilities for your own use, or as a practicing professional?

Become a healer – using focused energy and intent to metaphysically heal yourself and others, to understand the root causes of dis-ease physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and karmic-ly?

Become Enlightened? Spiritually awakened, developed, Soul-Realized.


Check current classes available in
The Hummingbird and the Honey Bee's Classes.

Awakening Consciousness Seminars for 2014

Reiki Professional Practice

Saturday, Jan. 25th from 11 - 5, $40

For Reiki practitioners who want to turn their Reiki practice into a business with regular, paying clients. Business practices for working with clients, techniques to present what you do to others, advertising and marketing techniques. Workbook included.

This is my last class held at the Hummingbird and the Honey Bee (Akashic Bookshop) in Thousand Oaks. The Hummingbird and the Honey Bee is closing to relocate Jan. 31, 2014. Location and re-opening date undecided.

In the interim, I am working and teaching at Serenity Calling, at the Whizin's Center in Agoura Hills: 28914 Roadside Drive #104, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (818)275-2174,, off the Kanan Road exit of the 101 freeway, around the corner from the Blue Table deli, and wine and cheese bar, downstairs in the atrium area.

E - Z Tarot

Sunday, Jan. 19th from 12 - 4, $45

A fun workshop with some easy spreads for quick answers, without needing to memorize the cards' meanings. Appropriate for those new to the tarot. Please bring a deck to work with, if you can. I have only a few old decks on hand to practice with.

Messages From Your Angels

Sunday, Jan. 26th from 12 - 4, $45

Coincidences, signs and miracles, Q & A through Angel card decks, and journaling. Why do you have angels? Working with your angelic team.

Crystal Workshop

Saturday, Feb. 1st from 12 - 4, $45

How to clear, charge, meditate and work with your crystals, to improve your life every day.

Mandala of Being

Sunday, Feb. 9th from 12 - 4, $45

Creating a foam-core board/poster/artwork - your Mandala of Being - a visual mindmap Lifeplan design of words, images and symbols for the New Year. A place for affirmations, goals, pictures, song lyrics, dreams, favorite quotes, personal motto, motifs and totems. Come with a list of personal goals, or points of focus, for the New Year.

Romance, Family, Career, Health, Money, Creativity, Aspirations, Organization, Something you want to Have/Do/Be, Spiritual development - one, or all, or none of these, but you must come with a place to start.

About My Classes

I have been a practicing psychic, aura reader, crystal healer and Reiki practitioner here at this bookshop for 18 years.  I began teaching these classes here 16 years ago because people were asking me to teach them how to do what I was doing.  I started with Understanding Chakras, and Beginning Aura Reading. 

Advanced Aura Reading, Crystals: Jewels of the Earth, and the Cosmic Chakras developed out of my aura reading students’ requests to learn more.

Originally based on Katreena Kremer’s classes on auras, chakras, crystals, and higher spiritual dimensions, that I had taken here at the bookshop over a period of 2½ years at $15.00 per week.  Katreena had long since moved out of state, then a fellow student of hers, one of my classmates, had begun teaching here, and then she also quickly moved out of state.

I stepped up to fill the gap.  I developed these classes further, adding in all I had learned from dozens of books on the subjects, a few other classes I had taken, my own experiences, my intuitive guidance, and my practical use with clients for years.

I continued to study metaphysics, mostly by reading books, conversing with all the wonderful people wandering through the bookshop, customers, clients, staff and teachers, and following my intuitive guidance to where Spirit led next.  I expected others to find what I had sought out and gained to be of interest and use to themselves, so I continued to develop and offer different classes.

So much of my study included reading many books on the same subject, so that I would know all about it.  Reading often cryptic passages repeated in book after book, referencing the same source texts, I began to understand that some authors were merely repeating the same information.  Perhaps unable to explain, or merely accepting “the Truth” from the venerated source, as it was handed down.  But for me, the reply was not the answer.  Some things I had to question, research, and in some cases figure it out for myself, to gain the knowledge and the understanding that I was seeking.

The true benefit of taking a class, and having a knowledgeable teacher, is that what you don’t understand or have a question about in a book, you can ask the teacher, and have it explained to you in a way you can understand.  One of my talents is the ability to break down and communicate complex concepts in a simple way.  And if you still do not understand, I can explain it in a different way.  Many teachers only know one way to explain things – the way they learned it, or they understand it.
I am more flexible.  I want you to understand.  That is the whole purpose of teaching.  I want you to experience all of the joy, wonder and excitement of learning and living the information I am giving you, as I did when I discovered it.

This is the best time to get this educationat a low cost.  Due to the continued slow economy, and what I believe is an urgent and timely need for as many people as possible to awaken to their spiritual gifts and purpose, I am offering these classes for $20 per week, instead of the usual $30 per week, plus a $10 materials fee for the printed workbook.

We alive now are on a spiritual journey of widespread spiritual development and awakening – a personal and planetary Awakening Into the Age of Enlightenment.

I have been discovering, learning and working with the energies and the knowledge available at this time in the world, through the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the 11:11 in 1991 (my teacher Katreena traveled to the pyramids in Egypt with Solara for the activation), waiting for Ascension, and/or the aliens to land, hoping that the end of the world, or California falling into the ocean, didn’t happen – but the 1994 earthquake did.
So many people channeling about Earth Changes disasters (volcanoes, massive earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, storms, famines, and wars) and then they started happening
The financial crises and crashes in the 1990’s and 2000’s (It’s the 1980’s again – no job, no house, and credit cards are king.) 

The turn of the century and the millennium at the year 2000, Y2K (the supposed breakdown of technology and the civilized world as we know it – where the lights go out, and all the computers go crazy – but they didn’t), and now we crossed the 12:12 at the end of the Mayan calendar on the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2012 - on our continued trek out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.  Whew!  “Are we there yet?!?”

When I entered the Akashic Record Bookshop, now the Hummingbird and the Honey Bee bookshop, 25 years ago,
I came as a curious seeker, and customer of books, crystals, readings and classes.  I eventually joined the store as a behind the counter salesperson, an aura reader, an energy worker, and then as a teacher.  My original intent was to develop my psychic aura reading abilities, and become a Reiki and crystal healer.  What developed from that intent became so much more.

At this point in time, I want to offer all of my metaphysical knowledge to you, the spiritual seeker.  What began for me as a deep calling, and an abiding interest, has become my life’s work.  Perhaps it will be for you as well.

I plan to offer all of my classes over the next year or so, ideally teaching as many people everything I know about metaphysics as I can, at this time.

I hope you feel so moved to join me on this journey, or jump in, while you have the chance.

Call (805) 341-5750, or email


The Subtle Bodies series:

Beginning Aura Reading – Develop your psychic sight to see auras around people, plants and animals. Learn the meanings of the various bodies and colors in the aura, and where they are located. How to use dowsing rods and a pendulum to measure the energies of the aura and chakras.

Advanced Aura Reading – Practical analysis of color combinations, symbols, time indicators, babies, viewing "scenes" from past lives, future timelines in this incarnation, Soul’s Path information – what you have come here to do with your life, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and how they communicate with you.

Understanding Chakras – Explore the 7 major chakras, where they are, and how each one relates to your life. Experience the effects of sounds that we hear and sounds that we make, the colors that surround us, essential oils that harmonize with each chakra, and body movements to energize and balance the chakras and their related physical systems.

The Cosmic Chakras – This class deals with the chakras "above your head." Portals to the Higher Dimensions, they do not exist in the same space and time of the 7 major chakras. We will discuss the dimensions of the Soul, Oversoul, and Monadic levels, as well as the simultaneous time and multi-dimensional aspects of the spiritual realms.

The Subtle Energies series:

Crystals: Jewels of the Earth – Learn the meaning and use of various crystals. How crystals work, and how to use them for meditation, healing and program them for specific uses. How to choose the best crystal for you. The best ways to charge, clear, and store your crystals. Different types of quartz crystals, and other stones, will be on hand every week. Learn how to do a crystal healing layout, and make a crystal template in class.

The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water – Experience the familiar elements of life on Earth in a whole new way. We will open our minds and senses to the energies of a different element each week. Discover which element you are the most drawn to, and why. How an expanded awareness of the elements in our daily life gives us a greater understanding and appreciation of their many gifts to us.

Pendulum Party – Make your own and how to use it! Pendulums can be used to answer yes/no questions, determine the energies of people or objects, so you can choose the best for you – whether a vitamin, a book, or a vacation destination. A pendulum is a tool used to access the higher mind and read subtle energies. You will create a unique and personal high-quality crystal point and stone bead pendulum in class that will assist you in accessing your intuition for many years to come. This workshop will teach you all you need to know to use it effectively.

Psychic Development – Everyone has natural psychic abilities. Some are dormant, and some are active, but uncontrolled. Psychic experiences that "just happen" without warning. Learn what psychic ability is, where it comes from, and the different types of psychic senses. Techniques on how you can develop your own, so you can tap into your psychic insight at will, and the many ways in which you can use your new powers to make your life happier, easier and more successful!

Tea Leaf Reading – A charming and easy to learn oracle, reading and interpreting the symbols of loose leaf tea leaves swirled in a teacup. Demonstration, practice, and a tea leaf reading for the coming year. You do not have to drink the tea to do a reading.

Spiritual Healing series:

Reiki – A spiritual healing modality rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. As a teacher, he was asked by a student why ordinary people could not heal people the way Jesus did, he vowed to find out. He came to America to study Christianity, attending the University of Chicago to gain a doctorate in Theology. Unsatisfied, he learned Sanskrit to study the ancient Buddhist Sutras. He studied ancient spiritual texts in India, China and Tibet. Returning to Japan, he went on a solitary pilgrimage to the holy mountain of Koriyama, meditating, until on the 21st dawning day, he received a vision. A huge ball of light filled him with the knowledge of the ancient Sanskrit symbols’ meanings and use. He came down the mountain with the power and the knowledge of Reiki healing, which he shared for the rest of his life.

Reiki was brought to the West miraculously, by a Japanese-American woman living in Hawaii, healed by Reiki in Japan. She shared it with the world. Mrs. Takata became a Reiki Master in 1938, and afterwards returned to Hawaii. Dr. Usui’s successor, the second Reiki Grand Master, Dr. Hayashi, was killed and his Reiki clinics in Japan were destroyed by World War II in 1941.

Reiki Healing Attunement Workshops:

Reiki First and Second Degree Attunements and how to use the energies, hands-on and absentee, with symbols. Book and certificate included.

Reiki Third Degree Master Attunement, with new symbols and a deepening of your practice. Reiki Master Teacher Attunement another opening, additional symbols, and and how to do all of the Attunements. Create your own Antahkarana symbol for use in attunements. Book and certificate included.

Crystal Healing – Using crystal stones, points and templates placed on and around the body in layouts for subtle energetic healing, crystal wand and tuning fork tools and techniques for removing energy blockages, dowsing and rebalancing chakras and recharging the aura. Hands-on practice in every class. Crystals: Jewels of the Earth recommended pre-requisite.

Sacred Geometry series:

Introduction to Sacred Geometry: the World of Numbers – Explore the mystical meanings of the numbers One through Nine, their geometric expressions, and their mathematical relationships to daily life. Learn why ancient cultures saw numbers as the secret key to Universal Truths and Spiritual Wisdom. We will work with paper, pencil and compass to create the geometric forms generated from them, color mandalas to understand the patterns, and learn where these forms appear naturally in the world and art.

Sacred Circles series:

Mystical Mandalas – Mandalas are designs used to create an altered state of consciousness. Whether used traditionally as a contemplative doorway to the spiritual realms, drawn or gazed upon to create a calmer, more meditative state of mind, or created as a self-expressive artwork, they have remained a viable motif in the human consciousness for thousands of years. We will learn about the different types of mandalas, symbology and design, and how to create your own. We will spend time coloring mandalas in class.

Walking the Labyrinth – An experiential workshop walking the one way in and one way out path that is the labyrinth. This is a walking meditation class held indoors. You will also learn a seed pattern so you can draw the ancient Cretan labyrinth pattern whenever and wherever you like. We will create a "finger labyrinth" on paper with the design in class, to trace with our finger, first with one hand, then the other, to balance both hemispheres of the brain and create a calm, meditative state of mind, body and emotions. Please bring a clean pair of socks to walk the labyrinth in.

The Wisdom Wheel – The Wisdom Wheel is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel, using the archetypes of the Teacher, the Nurturer, the Visionary, the Warrior and the Sage for the four cardinal points and the center of the Wheel. We will use the Wheel for self-discovery, problem solving, and Life Path development. Choosing our own particular quest, we will walk around an actual Wisdom Wheel constructed of crystals and stones, taking a wood walking stick, and the Medicine Bag that we created, with us on our individual journey around the Wheel.

Sacred Space series:

Creating A Meditation Garden – Do you have a garden, a patio or balcony and want to turn it into a sacred space? Learn what elements you can use to create a serene haven for yourself in communion with Nature, at home. Bring photos and the dimensions of your space, and receive specific design ideas, plant recommendations, and sketches to take home to create your garden.

Creating A Personal Sanctuary – If you’ve always wanted "a room of one’s own" to meditate, read, think, journal, create, or "get away" to, learn how you can turn an extra room, attic, alcove or corner, or even a large closet, into your own personal sanctuary. It is important to have a space dedicated to you alone. For contemplation, and to allow creative inspiration to flow through you, manifesting in mind and heart and hands. Bring a basic sketch or dimensions of the space you want to use, or one of your entire home space, for suggestions.

Creating A Personal Altar – Learn what an altar is, the meaning of various objects and elements you choose for it, and how to use it – to improve your daily life, and as a gateway to the Divine. The different types of altars, and how to create your own. How to activate it, care for it, and when you should change it. A variety of example altars will be displayed, and the purpose and meaning of the elements of each will be discussed.

The Spiritual Serenity Series:

Spiritual Serenity – Creating a Spiritual Practice – How to bring your spiritual connection into your daily life. A variety of options, ideas, and practices to try on your own and reflect on their effect on your life. Spirituality is not only something you reach out for during times of trouble, but a way of life that you express in everything you do, say, and experience.

Creativity and Creation – Learn the metaphysical tools and creation principles behind manifesting your dreams and desires, specific goals, and the mindset for making your life the way you want it. We all have the ability, power, and energy available to us by Divine right. You just need to learn how to access that power by training your mind, and learning some tried and true techniques to focus your power for specific outcomes.

Paths to Enlightenment – What is Enlightenment actually? Spiritual Awakening. Becoming conscious of the Truth: The truth of Reality, God and Creation, and the truth of who and what you are. What is your purpose in being alive? The "light" of Enlightenment: What is it, where is it, and do you actually see it? Find out. This class presents several different simple, effective techniques, paths, to attaining enlightenment.

The Philosophy of Metaphysics – the Path to Inner Wisdom – Wisdom, gained through knowledge. Understanding concepts and their use, free will choice, right use of will, experience, responsibility and spiritual discernment.

Awakening into the Age of Enlightenment – 2012 and Beyond - Covering history of the Mayan calendar, the "11:11" opening and the "12:12" closing of the door, ancient and recent prophecies about this time period, what is happening now to our world and solar system according to scientific observations, Earth changes going on now and other possible coming disasters, cosmic rays – both spiritual energies and physical radiations, and the current spiritual awakening of human beings. How to best work with the accelerated spiritual and ascension energies at this time, leading up to Dec. 21, 2012. We do not all die, and the world does not end on that date, but it is a gateway for transformation, for Earth and humanity.

Special Events:

Wesak Festival Ceremony and Meditation – The annual Blessing of the Buddha for the whole of humanity, on the first Full Moon in May.

Festival of Goodwill – The festival of goodwill towards humanity, sharing the blessing of the Buddha from Wesak. A focus on world peace, and how we individually can be a blessing to the world this year. Held at the first Full Moon of June.

Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, Southern California

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